E-Mongolia Academy

E-Business platform has been introduced

Within the framework of E-Mongolia Academy’s activities, The E-Business platform was introduced today which was initiated by the Government of Mongolia. 

Oyun-Erdene Luvsannamsrai Prime Minister of Mongolia, Uchral Nyam – Osor Minister of Digital development and communications, members of Parliament of Mongolia and Ambassadors to Mongolia have attended and more than 150 representatives of International, public and private organizations have participated in the opening ceremony. 

There are 246,361 legal entities registered in Mongolia, of which 62,350 are active in Ulaanbaatar and 24,006 are active in 21 provinces and about 1340 new legal entities are registered a month. 

E-Business platform was developed to meet the current situation of legal entities due to the absence of a separate platform for those entities, most government services are concentrated in the E-Mongolia system, and the database was separated to public organizations. The E-Business platform for business owners has been digitized all stages of legal entities from establishment to liquidation, and made it possible to apply for all types of license application and extent it from one platform. 

There are 417 licenses relevant to legal entities, 42 reference definitions, and 226 public services have been introduced to this platform. For example, business owner who want to establish a new enterprise will be able to obtain a legal entity name, register in the state register as well as their property list, receive an e-certificate, and send a stamp control sheet. 

Also, business owners have the opportunity to check all their information such as company and investor information, vehicles of company, list of the licenses, land, real estate, taxes, and fines at in one platform. In addition, services such as changing the owner, name and address of a legal entity, registering the legal entity’s status, notifying the liquidation of a legal entity, obtaining a special license or canceling it are now available through the E-Business platform. 

The all information and data of legal entities will be opened in the E-Business platform, and legal entities can be searched by registration number, name, licenses, intellectual property, and state procurement tenders. 

Accessing the E-Business platform will eliminate the bureaucracy of government services, save time and money for entrepreneurs, attract investors, and increase opportunities for doing business in local area. 

Thank you for your attention!