Welfare Services for Citizens in Need of Permanent Care Added to E-Mongolia Platform

The updated version of E-Mongolia 3.0 was introduced to the citizens of Sergelen Soum of Tuv province

"E-Mongolia Academy" SOE team worked in Sergelen soum of Tuv Province on September 4. A team of 14 workers headed by the Hash-Erdene Enkhtuya, Director of Cooperation and customer service department, organized a comprehensive activity to introduce the E-Mongolia 3.0 version to citizens of Sergelen soum. 

Within the framework of this activity, Enh-Amar Batbold, an expert of the Department of Intersectoral Coordination, provided a training course on the use the Integrated Management System for Internal Operations of State Organizations (https://erp.e-mongolia.mn/ ) for the employees of the Office of the Governor of Sergelen Sum, Tuv Province. 

Also, Chingun Namsraijav, the head of the Customer Service Division, has made a presentation of the updated version 3.0 of E-Mongoliahttps://www.e-mongolia.mnand the E-Business platform to the government officials and citizens of Sergelen Soum. During this event, Ariunbold Battulga, the operator of the Customer Service Division, has provided an advice about the E-Mongolia system and Customer services. 

Bilguun Otgonbaatar, trainer of the Digital literacy department, has provided advice for the citizens on digital skills such as information security, prevention of e-attacks and fraud. 

This activity is organized within the framework of the "Vision 2050" - long-term development policy of Mongolia, the action plan for the implementation of the long-term development policy of Mongolia for 2021-2030, the Government action plan for 2020-2024, and the main five-year development plan of Mongolia for 2021-2025. Also, It was organized as part of the work to ensure the implementation of the government's policy on the development of information and communication and Government Resolution No.283 of 2021. 

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