E-Mongolia Academy

“Evolving education-lifelong learning” training course

General Department of Education – the implementing agency of the Government, organized the "Evolving Education - Lifelong Learning" course on August 23 and 24, 2023. 

Lut-Ochir Vangaajil, DIrector of Department for Digital literacy of "E-Mongolia Academy" SOE, made a presentation on topic of "Digital Citizen, Digital Literacy Education" to 130 teachers and administrators of Lifelong Learning Centers of provinces and districts who participated in the training. 

He mentioned in his presentation that “In cooperation with the National Statistics Office and the Communications and Information Technology Authority, a survey was conducted on topics of "Household and personal information, communication and technology use" in 2021.43.8 percent of the total survey participants have information skill. They have the skill to search for information, get information from the websites of organizations, copy and transfer data, information and content in a digital environment, use tools, and save files. Therefore, there is a still need to improve digital literacy skills” 

Also, he stated that “According to the "E-Nation" policy document, we will improve the digital literacy of citizens, reduce the digital divide, and based on the achievements of communication and information technology, we will improve the number of creative citizens who are capable of innovation in all sectors of society and economy”. 

The purpose of the "Evolving Education - Lifelong Learning" course is to evaluate the role and participation of lifelong education in realizing the goals of education for public and sustainable development, to discuss lifelong learning systems and development issues, and to develop policy planning and activities related to lifelong learning in terms of improving the capacity of human resources in local area. 

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