National discussion on "Protection of children in the digital environment-2023"

The national discussion on "Protection of children in the Electronic Environment-2023" was held on June 14, 2023 with the aim to exchange opinions on the issue of child protection in the digital environment of Mongolia, raise its awareness of the risks, offer recommendations and solutions, and strengthen cooperation between the parties. 

At this discussion, Mr. Lut-Ochir Vanganjil, Director of Department for Digital literacy of the "E-Mongolia Academy", made a presentation "E-Skills for Students" in the discussion section of "Precautionary Measures for the Protection of Children in the Electronic Environment”.

In his speech, he mentioned that the activities of the E-Mongolia Academy, improving the knowledge on the skills of public information, communication, technology, as well as digital literacy, child-oriented training, and cooperation between stakeholders.

Over 85 representatives of the Ministry of Digital development and communications, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and social protection, Ministry of Justice, National policy agency, General Authority of Education, National human rights commission, National center for mental health, "E-Mongolia Academy" and NGO’s in the field of protection of children’s right have participated in this discussion and over 120 representatives from Police department, Family and child and youth development department, Education department of district and provinces have participated online.

United Nations Children's Fund in Mongolia, International Telecommunications Union Regional office for Asia and Pacific, Communications regulatory commission of Mongolia jointly organized this national discussion on “Protection of children in the digital environement-2023”.

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