17 organizations, including commercial banks, do not require paper references

The Lavlagaa.e-mongolia.mn system for public and private organizations to exchange information was opened on November 25, 2022 within the framework of "New Revival Policy" of the Government of Mongolia. Lavlagaa.e-mongolia.mn . By introducing this system, citizens no longer need to deliver 69 types of inquiries and references to commercial banks in paper form, such as ID card inquiries, marriage status registration etc. 

As of April 10, 2023, 11 commercial banks, 4 non-bank financial institutions, and 2 mobile operators are using this system. Since the system was introduced to public, citizens have received 123,513 inquiry services. 

"E-Mongolia Academy" have registered system users who are 4374 operator users of the 17 organizations, and organized training course on the system, and provided regular instructions and advice. 

In the future, 21 Provincial government and Governor’s office of Capital city are working to introduce it to their daily work. This will make it easier for citizens to receive the services from the public organizations that have introduced the Lavlagaa.e-mongolia.mn system. Because there is no need to carry the reference in paper form. It will be possible to get the desired reference after citizen verified their information in public organizations. 

Thank you for your attention!