E-Mongolia Academy

About us

E-Mongolia Academy

E-Mongolia Academy - A state owned enterprise was established in according to the Resolution

 #283 of Government of Mongolia and the operation has been started since January 2022.


In order to become “E-Nation”, to implement comprehensive measures for supporting the e-transition of the government and digitalizing the government services and activities by introducing advanced technologies and international best practices. 

Strategic objectives

Innovation production

- Develop laws, standards, regulations, long mid term strategic plans in the fields of telecommunications, information technology, post, broadcasting, radio frequency, space technology, and cyber security,
- conduct a research and analysis,
- ensure the coordination of development policies
- provide guidance


- Apply the best human resource management methods
- Allocate and coordinate funds which is approved by the Government
- provide legal advice and support
- manage the organization's budget
- develop foreign cooperation


- Localize the modern advanced techniques and technologies of communication, radio frequency, satellite, post, broadcasting, space technology, - Develop projects and programs Implement the projects


- Provide integrated policy planning for ensuring cyber security and its implementation


Organize and coordinate the activities for the implementation of laws, development policy documents and projects related to the development of information technology, e-governance, public information infrastructure, innovation and industry

Open data

- Ensure the implementation of the strategic plans and main directions of the sector, budget performance of the manager,
- Monitor, evaluate and make recommendations on the implementation of projects and programs that are stated in the investment and development policies

Organizational structure

Administration department

Organize the internal work of the organization in according to the policy and decision of the respective Ministry Expand the foreign relation

Department for the Cooperation and customer

Provide advice to citizens and legal entities who are users of the integrated public service system by telephone, online and in operator mode, Promote to public about organization and systems that are introduced in accordance with the policies and decisions of the Government of Mongolia Expand the cooperation

Department for Intersectoral regulation

Support the implementation of e-transition strategies and plans to ensure the coordination of other sectors and inter sectors’ use of information technology, projects and programs, Make proposals and recommendations to align with newly introduced information technology projects in accordance with the policies, plans and standards of the sector, Develop terms of reference and technical conditions

Department for System and integration

Develop and ensure the normal operation of public and private information and exchange systems (XУР) and support subsystems

Department for Digital literacy

Organize training courses and programs within the framework of improving the IT skills of public

Department for information security

Ensure the normal, reliable and safe operation of the responsible information system and infrastructure, develop and implement regulations in accordance with laws, regulations and standards on cyber security, take measures to prevent cyber-attacks, Identify risks by conducting security checks and analyzes of systems, networks, and services, ensure organization’s cyber security, prevent and respond to risks