E-Mongolia Academy

Military registration of provinces and capital continues

Military personnel between the ages of 18 and 50 who are citizens of Mongolia, officers up to the age of 65, and military registered professional women are required to register once a year. For example:

  • Senior officer /General/ – 65 years old
  • Senior officer – 60 years
  • Sergeant - 55 years old
  • Female officer, sergeant, private and corporal (/civilian/ - 50 years old.

Military registration 2024 will be made through three different channels at different times for each province and capital. Citizens can register through the website  www.e-Mongolia.mn , the E-Mongolia mobile application and public service operators. The response to the submitted request can be viewed in the "Notifications" menu of the E-Mongolia system.

Please note the following when submitting a request for military registration! 

  1. Citizens under the age of 18 who have not received a military service card must personally register for their bag/khoroo.  
  2. If a citizen does not have a military service card or is lost, he/she must personally go to the provincial or district Governorship Military Headquarters to get the card.  
  3. Citizens who have changed their address should contact the Military Headquarters of their province or district to confirm their relocation and register.  

When visiting in person, please bring the following items: 

  • 3 copies of photos
  • Copy of Citizen Identity Card or Reference
  • 2500 MNT

Thank you for your attention!