Local services in E-Mongolia System will be resigned and reintroduced

The representatives of the “E-Mongolia Academy” SOE will work in 21 provinces of Mongolia within the framework of providing implementation of the guiding principle of “e-nation”, approved by the resolution #283 of the Government of Mongolia in 2021 and the order A/24 of the Ministry of Digital Development and Communication in 2022, and the policy guidance of “e-aimag”, approved by the order A/53 of the Ministry of Digital Development and Communication on 06 June 2023. 

Primarily, the representatives are working in Bayan-Khongor, Darkhan-Uul, Dornogovi, Dornod, Dundgovi, Ovorkhangai, Omnogovi, Sukhbaatar, Selenge and Khentii provinces between 20 November to 02 December 2023. 

Although 145 local services have been digitized in an unreplicated number, provinces have submitted their services to the E-Mongolia platform in varying numbers. For instance, in Bayankhongor 31, Darkhan-Uul 61, Dornogovi 72, Dornod 72, Dundgovi 64, Ovorkhangai 67, Omnogovi 46, Sukhbaatar 76, Selenge 73 and Khentii 70 services have been digitized. Differences in provinces’ public service procedures indicate that the presented services through the E-Mongolia platform should be redesigned and increased. 

As of today, 1106 publcis services of 86 organizations have been integrated to the E-Mongolia platform, 72 percent out of all adult citizens or 1.7 million users, 36.5 million public services have been provided electronically and citizens have saved 706.9 billion MNT. 

 In addition, the services of state and local owned enterprises will be examined, improvements that need to be made will be researched, new services will be added. Furthermore, capacity building training will be provided to citizens as well as civil servants in information and communication and in technology. 

In these framework trainings on Integrated system of internal operation management of public institutions and the operational guidance of system will be conducted to the officials of Khurdan Tseg, operators of Sums also authorized officials of the request registration control system of public services (service.e-mongolia.mn). 

Thank you for your attention!