E-Mongolia Academy

Training course for local trainers in Sukhbaatar province

By the request of the “Lifelong Education Center” of Sukhbaatar Province, Department for the Digital literacy of "E-Mongolia Academy" has organized a practice-based training course for local trainers which was held on May 22-23, 2023 within the framework of the "E-United" target program.

During the training, professional and methodological advice are provided for development of digital literacy training programs to be implemented in local provinces and teachers from 13 soums of Sukhbaatar province participated in the training.

Training content includes the following topics:
- E-citizen;
- The methodology and issues to be considered for conducting training on the ability to work with data;
- Information security and its training methodology;
- The use of smartphones and its training methodology;
- The methodology for conducting training on obtaining government services by using the E-Mongolia application;
- Preparation of electronic content

Within the framework of the Governor agenda 2020-2024 of Sukhbaatar province, “Lifelong Education Center” is implementing the target program "E-united" and plans to organize the following activities:

- Train 18 local trainers;

- Improve the e-skills of 720 citizens in Baruun-Urt soum;

- Improve the e-skills of 800 citizens of other local area of Sukhbaatar province;

- Organize “Influence campaigns”.

Thank you for your attention!