Myagmarnaran Bavuujav: "E-Mongolia" application allows you to order bus, train and plane tickets

Interview of Myagmarnaran Bavuujav, Director General of the "E-Mongolia Academy" in regard to introduce the updated version 3.0 of "E-Mongolia" next week.

E-Mongolia" is about to present its updated version. What changes have been made in this version?

E-Mongolia" system has been developed for more than two years. Updated version 3.0 is scheduled to be presented to the public next week, on May 11. The main changes are becoming more user-oriented, easier to use, and more accessible. For example, in order to increase accessibility for people with disabilities, it is now easier for visually impaired people to use the "E-Mongolia" application. There are many types of vision problems. People with low vision and color blindness have found it easier to use the app. Also it is updated to be able to listen it.

In addition, the Notification section has been improved. When the expiration date of the identity card, driver's license, and foreign passport is approaching, the notification will be reminded you. It means that your foreign passport will expire in six months. In case of order your foreign passport, click on the link which you receive an alert. There are many cases that the foreign passport has expired before you go abroad. This will make the problem easier.

Also, "E-Mongolia" is having a smart chatbot. If the users agree and connect thier social account to the "E-Mongolia" application, they can receive notifications through Facebook chat. This choice can be made by the user themself. It is also possible to contact the operator and ask questions through the chatbot, as well as submit requests, complaints and comments.

Thus, we are cooperating with the Tapatrip application as part of the our work to support the private sector. Tapatrip is an online booking app for ordering the local buses, international flights and train tickets.

Does that mean that users can order bus and train tickets through the "E-Mongolia" application??

Yes. No additional fees will be charged for when you order tickets through the "E-Mongolia" application. It means that you will order it at the basic price.

How much money was spent on the new version of E-Mongolia?

No budget was spent on updating the new version. "E-Mongolia Academy" is state owned enterprise which means paid from the state budget. Therefore, as part of our daily work, we are developing a plan in order to improve the system. There is no additional budget

“E-Business" application was also introduced in last month. Can you provide information about that?

“E-Mongolia" is a system for citizen-public relations. But "E-Business" is intended for entity-public relations. The director of the legal entity has a right access to the "E-Business" application. Since there is director who run many companies, it is developed for easy to distinguish between entities. When the director log in and select a company, the company's general information will be displayed. It also shows the licenses obtained by the company and their expiration date. If the entity’s license is about to expire, director can apply for an extension through the application. If you want a new license, you can also apply for it. Citizens can receive all kinds of references, services and government information related with users from "E-Mongolia" and send it to other organizations.

In the same way, the legal entity can be received all kinds of reference and information through "E-Business". In addition, when you access the "E-Business" application, you can see the general information of the company in the search section that is possible to search by company registration number, name and intellectual property. This means that you can see when the company was established, who owns it, and what licenses it holds.

What kind of updates will be made to the "E-Mongolia" and "E-Business" applications in the future?

When sending official letters from the private sector to all government organizations, it will not be necessary to deliver them in writing. By using your e-signature, you can send official letters directly through the application. Entities used a separate system called ERP to send their official letters. Now, this system was developed by "E-Mongolia Academy" in DocX or official letter exchange system and connected all platforms. On the other hand, we are working to integrate 13 separate systems.

Recently, when the issue of children's money came up, it was raised issues about general information of citizen in the state. It means that there has incorrect information of citizens in government organizations. Therefore, within the framework of improving the "E-Mongolia" system, a citizen can see which government organization has their information. As well as, if the information is incorrect, you can contact the organizations to correct it. In the future, this information may be corrected by requesting from the application.

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